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    HP EliteDesk 800 G4

    $1,299.00 $1,185.00

    HP EliteDesk 800 G4

    Windows 10 Pro Operating System.
    Powered with Intel i5 or i7 8th Generation processor.
    With huge HDD of 1TB and 8GB ram for apps, file and data storing.
    Get a HP USB Business Slim Keyboard and HP Optical USB Mouse in box.
    3 years of warranty by HP.

    Full Features for HP EliteDesk 800 G4

    The HP EliteDesk 800 G4 is a tower form factor desktop which is build for business and work. With internals powered by Intel i5 or i7 processors, the machine can easily solve your working needs. Installed with Windows 10 Pro allows users to tap on more features and controls to innovate.

    As spoken, EliteDesk 800 G4 is meant for business hence security is one of the most important consideration. Which is why HP laptops and desktops are build with Military Grade specs and latest security for users. Therefore, creating the peace of mind for day to day work usage.

    Users can easily expand this machine to their required spec as it has a tower chassis. The machine is also ready for virtual reality as high specs components can be installed for such. Additionally, the tower has 5 bays, four full height slots including one for graphics card and 3 M.2 slots.

    To add on, the EliteDesk 800 G4 is competitive in terms for it’s performance and the pricing for investment. Companies can easily fit this desktop for their workforce in 1 go as there are a number of leasing options in Singapore. Which is why, Techtra Solutions are 1 of the authorized resellers for providing such services to our clients.

    Anyone who requires a PC for work purpose should consider to get this machine. HP offers entry choices to fully custom build for the EliteDesk 800 G4. Hence, any user who needs huge computing power or just a PC for work is able to choose freely for the 1 which suits them.

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  • HP EliteOne 800 G5 AiO


    HP EliteOne 800 G5 AiO

    23.8 inch touch screen monitor for working convenience.
    Using the powerful Intel 9th Gen i5 or i7 processors.
    Faster reading and writing speeds for work flow with a 512 SSD storage.
    8GB of DDR4 2666 RAM to multitask between applications and data.
    Stunning and sleek designs with an amazing viewing screen from any angle.
    Features a pop up FHD camera for video collaboration.
    With Windows 10 Pro, users get more security, collaboration and connectivity features from HP.
    Ability to expand viewing by adding a 2nd display.

    Full Features for HP EliteOne 800 G5 AiO

    The EliteOne 800 G5 all in one desktop is a beautiful machine blends into the office design with space saving thoughts. Which is why, it suits the current business world environment whereby most companies are using co-share concept. With the built in 23.8 inch touch screen monitor packing all the powerful internals. Therefore, allowing space savings as only 1 device is required to be placed on the desk.

    Additionally, the desktop is powering the 9th Gen Intel i5 or i7 which is one of the top of the line processors. Hence, allowing users to enjoy smooth work flow even though with such a compacted machine. Not only that, the fast 512GB SSD storage and 8GB ram ensures read, write and multitask of data and apps.

    Currently, most companies look for efficient ways for office space whereby users can stay productive in a small area. However, not losing competitive edge on performance. Therefore, it is important that IT chooses the most collaborative tools for working. HP EliteOne 800 G5 AiO is not only powerful, it offers a pop up FHD camera for users to make video calls. On top of that, the 23.8 inch touch screen can help on jotting down notes and highlighting important data.

    In conclusion, the EliteOne 800 G5 is great choice for businesses who are working in a co-share space with many users. Which is why, most companies in Singapore will find it suitable for their current work space.

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    HP PROBOOK 430 G6 i5-8265U 4GB 1TB HDD

    $1,499.00 $1,400.00

    HP PROBOOK 430 G6

    Intel® Core™ i5-8265U Processor
    (Windows 10 Pro 64)
    WEBCAM Integrated HD 720p DM
    LCD 13.3 FHD AG LED SVA 220 fHDC slim 2Ant
    RAM 4GB (1x4GB) DDR4 2400
    HDD 1TB 5400RPM SATA
    Fingerprint Sensor
    3 Years Warranty

    Key Features:
    13.3 Inches FHD Screen which is good for viewing multiple processes
    Weights at 1.49kg which is convenient to carry around for business meetings
    4GB Ram & 1TB Hard Disk for light usages, can be customized for high specs
    Stylish Designed for every business making it a presentable tool when conducting meetings
    Has a ranged of security features and built with a durable chassis that can be customized with connection options of your needs.

    As the market is filled with laptop brands, HP is one of the top brands for consumers to go to. Hence, most of the models offered by HP is suitable for both consumers and commercial users.

    The HP PROBOOK 430 G6 series is a great choice when it comes down to deal for money. Depending on individual needs, this laptop can pack a powerful specs for daily usage.

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    HP PROBOOK 430 G7

    $1,399.00 $1,360.00

    HP ProBook 430 G7 Laptop

    Thin, light and reliable laptop.
    Affordable and efficient for business and work purposes.
    Powered with super performance and long battery life.
    Offers productivity to users at everywhere and anytime.
    Intel latest i5 or i7 processor with Win 10 Pro Os.
    Using DDR4 Ram and SSD for faster task processing.

    Full Features for HP ProBook 430 G7 Laptop

    HP ProBook 430 G7 is a business laptop which is suitable for working professionals of all level. It features a thin and light body which is important for users to carry around and work with. Furthermore, the pricing is affordable and it meets every aspect of commercial productivity.

    With the 2020 latest 10th gen processor from Intel, users will get speed and power to complete their day to day task easily. Additionally, the ProBook 430 G7 has DDR4 Ram and SSD storage to help users multitask between files and applications. Thus, users need not worry about being limited when working on this laptop.

    What’s more? Apart from power and it’s attractive body features, you will get a lot more in this laptop. Users will get Window 10 Pro operating system and advanced security features by HP. Besides software security, a fingerprint sensor is included to keep unauthorized users from logging in.

    As for the display, you will get a 13.3 inches display and a webcam for video conferencing purposes. The display is FHD 1920 by 1080 using Anti-glare LED which offers a good experience when going through long hours of screen staring. Hence, users can rest assure that their productivity would not be interrupted. With long lasting battery life and fast charging technology, the HP ProBook 430 G7 can easily last you throughout the day.

    Finally, with it’s attractive price point, HP has thrown in a free mouse and notebook bag for users whom purchase the laptop. Also, a 3 years warranty is provided to support any issues faced with the laptop.

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    HP ProDesk 400 G6 SFF

    $1,099.00 $1,030.00

    HP ProDesk 400 G6 Small Form Factor

    Get Windows 10 Pro and enjoy more features with better security.
    Paired with latest Intel 6th, 7th and 8th generation processors.
    Military Grade security for your business needs.
    Configurable to SSD or faster Ram speeds.
    Expandable for future proofing.
    3 years of warranty provided by HP.

    Full Features of HP ProDesk 400 G6

    The HP ProDesk 400 G6 is a small form factor desktop for mainly business uses as it offers custom to need hardware specs. Therefore, business owners or IT managers get the flexibility to manage their requirements via the current market needs. Similarly, users who will use with the machine gets to enjoy great features from the hardware by HP.

    Additionally, the machine is installed with Windows 10 Pro operating system means you will get more features and controls on the device to get things done. With the military grade specs and latest security from HP, you can rest assure on collaboration. Depending on the needs, users can customize the latest Intel CPU to enjoy full screen 4K content and 360 experience. Hence, business owners and IT managers can consider future proofing options to utilize their budget wisely.

    As HP ProDesk 400 G6 is a small form factor PC, it is easy for setup and deployment in business of all sizes. Therefore, you need no worry about it consuming too much space in the office. Which is why it is a popular choice among businesses as companies are pushing for space sharing working environments. Hence with a small size factor and powerful internals, it is definitely 1 of the most considered devices for businesses.

    Finally, the PC has a stylish outlook which is also an important factor for it to fit into a corporate office. Most companies have a corporate theme, hence it is important that the HP ProDesk 400 G6 can blend into the design.

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  • HP ProOne 400 G5 23.8-inch All-in-One Business PC


    HP ProOne 400 23.8 inch AIO PC

    Business class performance all in one 23.8 inch PC
    Stylish, sleek and contemporary design to suit office needs.
    Windows 10 Pro operating system for more features.
    Power by 9th Gen Intel Processors for high performance daily uses.
    Get HP exclusive security and Manageability Integration kit to prevent data breaches and downtime.
    Warranty covered up to 3 years for the PC

    Full Feature for HP ProOne 400 23.8 Inch PC

    The HP ProOne 400 All In One PC is classy machine suitable for most office environment. As it is all in 1 PC, it saves space while deploying and setting up the PC for users. Therefore, making it 1 of the top choices for businesses as many companies are adapting to smaller working places due to rising rental cost.

    Power with one of the latest processor by Intel, users can complete their task in the most efficient way. Additionally, the fast HDD or SSD with the machine helps to open app and task in the fastest way possible. Therefore, increasing productivity by saving more time for users to complete daily task.

    With a Full HD monitor screen measuring at 23.8 inch, viewing working details in 1 glance is made possible. Hence, saving additional cost and space without the need of getting a secondary monitor. On top of that, 2 internal stereo speakers are included in the device and you will get 3 years of warranty by HP.

    In conclusion, the HP ProOne 400 23.8 Inch PC is definitely one of the best buy for most business environment.

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  • HP Z2 Tower G4 Workstation


    HP Z2 Tower G4 Workstation

    Using Intel latest 6th, 7th, 8th Gen processor for users to run their daily usages.
    MS Win 10 Pro OS loaded into the PC means you will get more features and control for the device.
    Build with Mil specs which is meant for collaboration with security.
    Customize your build for expansion plan, the Z2 Tower G4 Workstation can be customized for future proofing.
    A powerful machine which is build for business.

    Full features of HP Z2 Tower G4 Workstation

    The HP Z2 Tower G4 Workstation is a powerful PC built for business professionals for daily usage. With the ability to customize the specs for the PC, IT managers and business owner will like the flexibility of choice. Hence making this machine a great selection for business which is looking into tech refresh.

    Similarly, HP uses the latest Intel processors to power the Z2 Tower G4. Therefore, users get the most power to complete their task in the fastest manner possible. Additionally, you can also include a big HDD or fast SSD to improve the user experience for your company. As the PC comes in a few spec choice, you can choose the most ideal one for your company.

    Alternatively, HP helps companies who require special specs to use their customized to order scheme. Therefore, IT managers and business owners can plan for a future proofing plan. Finally, HP builds their products with military grade specs which is meant for collaboration with security feature. Hence, users can enjoy the peace of mind when setting up legitimate application and software for work purpose.

    Why choose Techtra Solutions? Techtra Solutions is a IT equipment house whereby we get the best deals for our customers. Most importantly, our products are direct from manufacturers hence you can assure on the authenticity of the product.

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    HPE OfficeConnect 1820-48G-PoE+ Switch

    $1,396.00 $1,230.00

    HP OfficeConnect 1820-48G PoE Switch

    Give smaller organizations more flexibility and choices while delivering greater network performance.
    Layer 2 switch which is easy to administrate and quipped with latest energy-saving capabilities.
    Plug and play and users have ability to fine tune through a Simple Web GUI if required.
    Quieter when operating as it comes with fan-less design.

    The HPE 1820 switch series allows more choices and flexibility for smaller organizations. Hence, getting better network performance while being able to customize and manage the configurations. A layer 2 switch which can be easy to administrate and offers the latest energy saving capabilities. On top of that, setting up is easy which users can just plug and play out of the box. In addition, it allows users to easily fine tune the features from the simple web GUI.

    With the web management interface, it is easy to manage even for non-technical users. Therefore, making HPE 1820 Switch Series ideal for organizations. Furthermore, the series gives you flexibility and choice between the non-Powered or PoE models. Whereby, this will come in handy for organisation to plan their new or existing network properly.

    Installation for the switch is flexible as it comes with options for mounting on wall or under tables. Some models are fan-less which make the switch quiet for office deployments. Above all, all switches are covered by Warranty which boost the confidence for users to safely deploy into their network.

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