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    Samsung 24” Curve Gaming Monitor LC24RG50FQEXXS

    $368.00 $328.00

    One of the best experience with Samsung 24” Curve Gaming Monitor

    • 144Hz refresh rate to ensure that users have the best gaming experience.
    • Curve display for immersive and comfort usage.

    As expected from Samsung, gaming display that the company makes is a top choice for gamers. Thus, this is no difference for this 24” curve gaming monitor. The monitor can switch easily from 60Hz to 100Hz, 120Hz or 144Hz depending on user demand.

    As this monitor is focusing on gamers, it has setting for users to customise. Hence, gamers can set to their personalise gaming mode. Whereby settings such as black gamma levels, contrast, sharpness, and color for any game genre can be adjusted. Furthermore, it includes low lag input and Virtual Aim Point to help ensure the competitiveness during games.

    With the right setup of CPU spec, users will no longer endure choppy game plays. The monitor is able to adapt display refresh rates and keep performance even with complex game scenes. Allowing gamers to enjoy a seamless and virtually shutter-free experience.

    While professional gamers may have to stare into their monitors for a long day. Samsung aims to offer this product for gamers to play longer with the screen. Hence, including Eye Saver Mode which minimise the blue light to keep eyes comfortable & relaxing for a long period of time. Additionally, with the flicker free technology, it help users to focus with lesser eyes strain.

    One thing about shooting games is to be able to spot your enemies first. Therefore, with this monitor, Samsung offers a 3000:1 contrast ratio. Allowing, gamers to see dangerous or hiding objects clearer and fasters.

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    Samsung 32 Inch Gaming Monitor with 1000R Curved Screen

    $1,349.00 $1,288.00

    Samsung 32 Inch Gaming Monitor with 1000R Curved Screen LC32G75TQSEXXS

    • With the Curved 1000R Screen, users can enjoy superb comfort and max immersion
    • Has a 240Hz refresh rate and 1ms respond time
    • G-Sync compatible and AMD FreeSyncTM Premium Pro
    • Design to look futuristic plus infinity core lighting
    • Build with QLED and has a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440
    • Realistic gaming experience

    Samsung is a leader in technology and it has many top spec monitors to offer high demanding users. Hence, the Samsung 32 Inch Gaming Monitor with 1000R Curved Screen is no exception.

    With it’s the curve 1000R screen, user can experience a more realistic gaming experience. Furthermore, customers can enjoy superb comfort when gaming long hours with this monitor.

    As competitive gaming requires gamers to be sharp, fast and accurate. Therefore, it is no surprise that the Samsung 32 Inch Gaming Monitor has a whopping 240Hz refresh rate. This provides a great advantage for competitive gaming as the respond time is reduce to 1ms. Hence, allowing gamers to spot hiding enemies or even enemies from far. With such, gamers can enjoy precise mouse movements and blur-free frames without ghosting.

    Colours and details when viewing on the monitor is extremely pleasing as it has QLED build in. Additionally, the screen is also brighter which allows the display to output almost real scenes on the monitor. Also, it comes with a sharp resolution of 2,560 x 1,440, objects displaying on the monitor will be sharp and clear.

    Finally, the design of this monitor is with a futuristic theme. Furthermore, users will get the infinity core lighting by Samsung which bring attraction to the outlook of the monitor. Lastly, it has G-Sync compatible and AMD FreeSyncTM Premium Pro. Hence keeps the GPU and monitor inline to eliminate lag and choppiness. Thus, fast scenes will display smooth, stable and shutter-free to ensure competitiveness.

    Get yours today and enjoy a free warranty for 3 years by Samsung.

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    Samsung 34 Inch Thunderbolt Curve Monitor LC34J791WTEXXS

    $1,288.00 $1,188.00

    Samsung 34 Inch Curve Monitor LC34J791WTEXXS

    • 34 inch on curve and wide angle display
    • 2 Thunderbolt connection with up to 40Gbps with 85 watts charging ability
    • Suitable for heavy multi task users
    • Fast refresh rates of 100Hz for silky smooth experience
    • Stylish design with Quantum Dot Color for accurate vision
    • Able to work with Mac or PC machines

    A fast data transmitting monitor for professionals to perform high productivity task. With the 34 inch screen, any user can fully use the max capability of this monitor for multi task. Furthermore, user need not worry about power as the monitor is able to charge laptop when in use.

    Additionally, the design of the product is stylish with a white finish. Hence, users can easily blend it into their working spaces without worrying if it compliment to the interior design. Cables will be neatly conceal in the back of the monitor allowing clean and tidy look on work desk.

    As the monitor has great outlook, it needs to have wonderful specs to complete the package. Samsung 34 inch curve Thunderbolt Curve Monitor LC34J791WTEXXS is super capable. Thus, it is 1 of the top choice to recommend for heavy multi task users. Furthermore, the monitor can transmit 40Gbps speed of video and data and charge laptops at 85 watts power. This make the monitor a hard to resist choice for professional who need such luxury.

    With studies from Harvard Medical & Seoul Nation University showing that curve screens are less straining to eyes comparing to flat screens. Therefore, Samsung engineer this monitor with it’s curve body to provide comfort viewing experience.

    Finally, with all the design and comfort usage of this monitor, it must have the best viewing customisation. With Quantum Dot Colour, the colours shown will be brighter, sharper and natural. Allowing all photos and videos on the monitor to feel as if it is in real life.

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    Samsung EVO Plus microSD Memory Card

    $219.00 $180.00

    EVO Plus microSD Memory Card

    Get fast reading and writing speeds of 100MB/s and 90MB/s respectively.
    Comes in 32gb, 64gb, 128gb, 256gb and 512gb variants.
    Compatible for multiple applications and excellent performance for 4K UHD video.
    Lets you shoot high quality images or videos for sharing.
    Transfers a 3gb video in just 38 seconds.
    Get a limited 10 years warranty by Samsung.

    Full features of Samsung EVO Plus microSD Card.

    The EVO Plus microSD memory card gives users the freedom and speed to perform high resource demanding tasks. Hence, users can rest assure that their data is kept in good condition. With up to 100MB/s reading and 90MB/s writing speed, the memory card can easily transfer data seamlessly.

    Usually a 4K video consumes lots of data space and takes a long time for sharing. However, with the usage of Samsung EVO Plus MicrosSD card, you can easily share such videos and find space for storing. (Depending on the memory capacity purchased in the card) The memory card comes in a few variants, from 32gb to 512gb in storage sizes. Therefore, one can easily pick the best storage size according to their usage.

    Other than that, the card comes with a 4-proof protection from Samsung. Thus, ensuring reliability for users to entrust their important data into the memory card. Furthermore, it has a limited 10 year warranty by Samsung. (However it is advisable to check against the terms and conditions stated on the website – find out more here.)

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    Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 plus 5g

    $1,798.00 $1,750.00

    Best android tablet in 2020 Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 plus 5g

    Looking for a lightweight yet powerful laptop alternative? Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 plus 5g is a real competitor for that. Furthermore, it can be use as a tablet or a laptop to complete productivity task.

    Starting off with its look and design, the tablet is light weight and packs a great performance chip in it. Additionally, it comes with a pen which allows drawing and hand write note takings for users. Adding a cover to it can help to protect it from damages and prevent the pen from missing.

    There are lots of accessories that can work with the tablet. Hence, it can instantly become a productive machine to help perform laptop task. Such accessories are a keyboard, mouse, type-c docking and the build in Dex software.

    Let talk about the Dex software, the tablet has 2 mode for users to leverage on. For users who just need casual usage, the tablet mode is great. However, for heavier users who require a laptop work experience. The Dex mode on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 plus 5g is a wonder. It changes the tablet into almost “Windows” experience mode which allows users to multitask. Additionally, the tablet is fast and convenient for bringing around. Which users can work anywhere at anytime in the world.

    The 12.4 inch screen display on the tablet is top class in it league. Thus, for video editing or media consumption, the tablet has one of the best experience. Furthermore, with the 4 stereo speakers tune by AKG, users can enjoy almost cinematic sound experience.

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 plus 5g has great connectivity with 5g for LTE and Wifi 6 for wireless connection. Therefore, you can rest assure that browsing and steaming on a stable connection will be faster than most devices.

    As a portable device, the battery life can last users a full day. However, it will be base on the user’s day to day task. One thing for sure it is definitely a great battery performance device which can satisfy many.

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