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    Samsung EVO Plus microSD Memory Card

    $219.00 $180.00

    EVO Plus microSD Memory Card

    Get fast reading and writing speeds of 100MB/s and 90MB/s respectively.
    Comes in 32gb, 64gb, 128gb, 256gb and 512gb variants.
    Compatible for multiple applications and excellent performance for 4K UHD video.
    Lets you shoot high quality images or videos for sharing.
    Transfers a 3gb video in just 38 seconds.
    Get a limited 10 years warranty by Samsung.

    Full features of Samsung EVO Plus microSD Card.

    The EVO Plus microSD memory card gives users the freedom and speed to perform high resource demanding tasks. Hence, users can rest assure that their data is kept in good condition. With up to 100MB/s reading and 90MB/s writing speed, the memory card can easily transfer data seamlessly.

    Usually a 4K video consumes lots of data space and takes a long time for sharing. However, with the usage of Samsung EVO Plus MicrosSD card, you can easily share such videos and find space for storing. (Depending on the memory capacity purchased in the card) The memory card comes in a few variants, from 32gb to 512gb in storage sizes. Therefore, one can easily pick the best storage size according to their usage.

    Other than that, the card comes with a 4-proof protection from Samsung. Thus, ensuring reliability for users to entrust their important data into the memory card. Furthermore, it has a limited 10 year warranty by Samsung. (However it is advisable to check against the terms and conditions stated on the website – find out more here.)

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    Synology DiskStation DS119j

    $170.00 $165.00

    Features for DiskStation DS119j

    Ideal NAS suitable for everyone.
    DS119j is an entry level NAS solution for personal use.
    With power saving yet fast features, it gives a great file management experience.
    Ability to access your files over the internet with Quickconnect.
    Keep your most important files version as the device offers real-time data syncing.
    Able to view all your data via mobile apps in a secured access.
    1 drive bay for HDD.

    Synology Diskstation DS119j is a personal use storage NAS for users to keep data easily. Hence, no complicated setup is require, users can also access their important data on the go over internet. With it’s Quickconnect functionality, you can easily get access on your data real-time and securely.

    Additionally, Synology offers their mobile apps for you to access to your data where ever you are. Therefore, you no longer need to worry about carrying a hard disk for overseas trip. Whereby, you might have risk of getting the hard disk damaged or corrupted when plugging into unknown sources.

    Finally, the price for this device is extremely affordable for most users whom require a cheap solution for data.

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    Transcend SSD 230s – 1TB

    $200.00 $170.00

    Transcend SSD 1tb

    Transcend uses the latest 3D NAND tech for their SSD 230s, hence delivering greater and reliable performance. On top of that, Transcend has built in SLC caching tech to allow a fast transfer of 560mb/s read and 520mb/s writing speed. This solid state drive provides guaranteed endurance and reliability with a Terabytes Written Value of 1120TB over its lifetime.

    Many different kind storage sizes for all different consumer usage.
    Super fast reading and writing speeds for daily operations.
    Guaranteed endurance and reliability with warranty covered.
    Boost day to day working performance compared to hard disk drives.

    System Requirement OS:
    Ms Windows 7.
    Ms Windows 8.
    Ms Windows 10.
    Linux 2.6.31 or later.

    5 years limited warranty from Transcend, please kindly visit their website for more information.

    Why purchase Transcend SSD?
    We are offering this promotion to our clients is because a lot of clients are looking for a upgrade for their Hard disk. Hence, upgrading will increase 30% more productivity for day to day task. Apart from this, Transcend provides useful tools for you to easily switch from your old drives. Therefore, most of our clients feel assured as Transcend SSD has a good and durable lifespan.

    Why buy from Techtra?
    Techtra Solutions is a authorized selling partner for Transcend SSD. Therefore, we are able to offer the most competitive pricing for our clients. On top of that, our engineers will be able to provide migration services for you to have a hassle free experience.

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    WD Green PC SSD

    $49.00 $45.00

    Western Digital SSD Green PC SSD

    Fast, reliable and enhanced storage for performance and reliability. Therefore, boosting daily computing usage experience in PCs or Laptops.

    With the improvement boost from WD Green SSD, users get to enjoy browsing, games and application in a flash. Additionally, the SSD is lightweight and shock resistant to keep data safe from loss in accidental bumps.

    The WD Green SSD is one of the lowest power consuming drives in the market. Hence, allowing users laptops battery life to last longer in a charge. Upgrading your laptop with Western Digital Green SSD is a simple and worry free process. Due to the drive compatibility with most laptops and desktops.

    Enjoy 3 years limited warranty, so that all your data need can be entrusted confidently.

    Who should purchase this WD Green SSD?

    If you are still using traditional storage for your existing PC, it is good to proceed with this upgrade. Hence, it is important that users determine this purchase based on their current needs. If you are one of the frustrated users whom faced slow loading speeds on your current PC, the WD Green SSD is a life saver.

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    Western Digital BLACK SN750 NVMe SSD

    $229.00 $220.00

    WD Black SN750 NVMe SSD

    WD Black SN750 NVMe SSD gives a top performance for building or upgrading a gaming or high spec PC. With the available capacity choices, users can get up to a max of 2TB of top performing drive in market.

    As the demand for high performance storage is growing rapidly in the world, speed and reliability matters to users. Hence, the WD Black SN750 NVMe SSD fits this segment of demanding users with it’s performance. Additionally, with WD’s 64-layer 3D NAND features, it pushes the limitations of the storage.

    In just a gumstick size, it has enough room and power to store large files and games. Also it has a sleek design that goes well with PC supporting M.2 form, complementing systems with RGB lights and cooling internals. There are 2 versions of Western Digital Black SN750 NVMe SSD, one with heatsink which we recommend users to get. Another one without which is also a top tier performance storage drive.

    Finally, users can get the WD Black SSD Dashboard which gives the ability to alter performance based on modes. Hence, this will consume lower power while prolonging the lifespan of the SSD. However, not affecting any performance while gaming or handling graphic intensive applications.

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