Synology DiskStation DS119j

$170.00 $165.00

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Features for DiskStation DS119j

Ideal NAS suitable for everyone.
DS119j is an entry level NAS solution for personal use.
With power saving yet fast features, it gives a great file management experience.
Ability to access your files over the internet with Quickconnect.
Keep your most important files version as the device offers real-time data syncing.
Able to view all your data via mobile apps in a secured access.
1 drive bay for HDD.

Synology Diskstation DS119j is a personal use storage NAS for users to keep data easily. Hence, no complicated setup is require, users can also access their important data on the go over internet. With it’s Quickconnect functionality, you can easily get access on your data real-time and securely.

Additionally, Synology offers their mobile apps for you to access to your data where ever you are. Therefore, you no longer need to worry about carrying a hard disk for overseas trip. Whereby, you might have risk of getting the hard disk damaged or corrupted when plugging into unknown sources.

Finally, the price for this device is extremely affordable for most users whom require a cheap solution for data.