Transcend SSD 230s – 1TB

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Transcend SSD 1tb

Transcend uses the latest 3D NAND tech for their SSD 230s, hence delivering greater and reliable performance. On top of that, Transcend has built in SLC caching tech to allow a fast transfer of 560mb/s read and 520mb/s writing speed. This solid state drive provides guaranteed endurance and reliability with a Terabytes Written Value of 1120TB over its lifetime.

Many different kind storage sizes for all different consumer usage.
Super fast reading and writing speeds for daily operations.
Guaranteed endurance and reliability with warranty covered.
Boost day to day working performance compared to hard disk drives.

System Requirement OS:
Ms Windows 7.
Ms Windows 8.
Ms Windows 10.
Linux 2.6.31 or later.

5 years limited warranty from Transcend, please kindly visit their website for more information.

Why purchase Transcend SSD?
We are offering this promotion to our clients is because a lot of clients are looking for a upgrade for their Hard disk. Hence, upgrading will increase 30% more productivity for day to day task. Apart from this, Transcend provides useful tools for you to easily switch from your old drives. Therefore, most of our clients feel assured as Transcend SSD has a good and durable lifespan.

Why buy from Techtra?
Techtra Solutions is a authorized selling partner for Transcend SSD. Therefore, we are able to offer the most competitive pricing for our clients. On top of that, our engineers will be able to provide migration services for you to have a hassle free experience.