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Cloud is a growing technology for many work applications now and users now can work from anywhere in the world. Hence, it is definitely important to have the fastest and easiest way to protect your users from everywhere in the world.

Furthermore, how about your branch offices which connects directly to internet? This leaves you with none or limited vision on threats targeting at your organisation or users. What if protection can take place without the need to add another devices or endpoint security?

The Threats You Face

Threat attackers often reuse the same infrastructure in multiple attacks as they use increasingly intelligent and complex methods. However, they will always leave traces behind. So what if we could use these traces to prevent the attacks before it happens?

Our focus has been always to detect and defend against malware and threats. Yet with stronger preventive implementations, we are still flooded with infections. Why not we identify the threats and implement prevention earlier before the attack?

Cisco Umbrella Packages


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ideal package for sme

This package includes the following:

blocks off malware, ransomware, phishing and C2 callbacks

Users get protected from anywhere, on or off company network

Halt malicious requests and reponse at the DNS-layer over any port or protocol

Real-time, enterprise activity search and scheduled reports

Enforce Acceptable Use Policy using 80 plus content categories

Creation of customised block and allow lists


ideal for medium company

Includes Ever professional package plus:

Able to block direct IP connectivities at IP-layer

Recognise aimed attacks by comparing global vs local activities

Recognise cloud, IoT and shadow IT usage risks by reporting on 1800 plus services

Apply enforcement and visibility into per internal network or AD group/user

Proxy risky domains for files and URLs inspection using antivirus engines and Cisco AMP (Advanced Malware Protection)


ideal for advance security teams

Includes everything from Insights package plus:

Enforcement API

Implement pre-built integrations that work with more than 10 security providers

Easy to integrate with other systems using custom API

Investigate Console

Get overview on what Umbrella is blocking and why

View how attacks are formed

FOcus on incidents investigations

See attacks before they launch using Threat Intelligence

Umbrella uses internet activities to identify automatically for attacker infrastructure staged for present and ongoing threats.
Such activities captured let us understand the relationships between malware, domains, networks and IPs in the internet.
Techtra Solutions is a IT Solutions provider to implement Cisco Umbrella for our clients, call us to find out more.

Umbrella predicts malicious IPs or domains to automatically block away these cyber security threats.
The predictions models come by analyzing data patterns and anomalies.

Cisco offers access to their threat intelligence for a complete view of relationships between malware, IPs and domains.
You can enrich your response for security information and event management (SIEM)

Above all, Cisco offers their own ecosystem to analyize millions of malware samples daily.
Cisco Talos and Advance Malware Protections issues reputation scores to URL and files to block incoming threats.