Data Backup Solutions

When is the last time you have backed up your important data? Have you ever wonder what would happen when your company loses it’s data? Data is the most critical assets of an organization and losing data might be the most financially damaging situation in the IT industry. Above all, employees will be left incompetent to serve customers as details are incomplete, leading to an efficiency issue.

In addition, if your company is subjected to regulatory compliance, a huge fine will be imposed. Thereafter, causing a big impact to the company’s image and customer’s confidence in the brand. Data protection and backup is not longer an option for the current IT industry. Thus, it is important when choosing the correct IT Solution to get the data backup solution job done.

Techtra Backup Solutions

The few ways to back up important data are server solutions, software applications, physical hardware and cloud solutions. In fact, most companies in Singapore made it a must to practice end point data protection for laptops, desktops and mobile devices. As such move is to prevent data loss or leakage due to increasingly professional working on the go in every part of Singapore.

Even with preventive measures above, you might still face situations with security threats which might wipe out the backups. Therefore, a disaster recovery option will act as a 2nd back up plan for data to recover. The rationale with this practice is also to prevent against natural disaster that might destroy your whole data center or operations.

Different solutions and products performs different methods of backup such methods includes disk to disk, disk to tape or cloud storage. Every organization has different requirements on their backup solutions but security and reliability are the most important factors when choosing the right solutions. In Techtra Solutions, we help our clients to find the most ideal way for our client, below are the list of solutions that we provide.

Veeam Backup Solutions

Veeam software provides backup, replication and restoration functionalities for servers, virtual machines, workstations and cloud based workload. On top of that it offers free version for backing up Windows desktops and laptops.