Lenovo ThinkPad Laptops

Most business professionals need to carry their laptops with them for meetings and discussion. Thus, it is important for their laptops to be extremely lightweight while durable when using public transport. Lenovo ThinkPad offers many functionalities for convenience while still keeping the best technology built in their machines. Nevertheless, Lenovo have created many series for ThinkPad and offer many price point for professionals to choose from. Here are there series of laptops for you reference:

ThinkPad X Series

Armed with epic battery life, X Series easily the top choice for travelling professionals. It is also light weight and enhanced with robust security features to ensure secure usage.

ThinkPad T Series

T Series is the flagship teir for Lenovo which is built with rich features. Empowered with powerful processors, long lasting battery life and fast USB C port.

ThinkPad E Series

Looking for laptops to suit a lower budget for startups? Here you go, ThinkPad E series offer a powerful enough laptop to produce productivity for small businesses.

ThinkPad L Series

If productivity matters without burning your pocket while getting a mid ranged Laptop, L series laptops fit the bill. Additionally, these laptops is reliable and best of all spill resistant.

ThinkPad A Series

Similar to L Series, the laptops in A Series are in the same segment. However, these laptops uses AMD processor chips at lower costing and is comparable in terms of performance.

ThinkPad Yoga Series

Choosing between a laptop or tablet is a hard choice. With Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga, now you can have both in 1 machine. On top that, it comes with powerful specs and great mobility for presentations.

ThinkPad P Series

P Series laptop is equipped with the power of a workstation while retaining it portability. Hence, it is easily one of the most power laptops to handle intensive graphics for heavy users.