Cyber Security Software Integration

No one would have predicted that computing technology have become such an important part of our lives. In Singapore’s business world today, almost 80% of the transactions will utilize the usage of a computer or mobile device. With such growth, it is no surprise that hackers target their attack towards the businesses in our country. Hence, it is important to equip Cyber Security Software as the front line to protect your businesses against malicious events happening.

Network Security


Is keeping track of your network activities and firewall log a challenge? Ever wonder if you can use the aid of a network security software to solve your issues? Engage us to magnify and advise the most ideal agent for installation in your network. Thereafter, the configured Network Security software will assist on showing report and stats of how your network is being utilized.

Data Security

Data Security

A data security software protect and encrypts data, directories and systems from hacking threats and hardware failure. In such situations, the data security software will protect sensitive information about your business and customers. On top of that, such solutions with add-on can perform tests to ensure that sensitive data is encrypted when shared.

Antivirus Software

Hardware Security

As technology grows, the hacking industry widens their target on poorly protected end users. Hence, antivirus software is no longer an option but a must for every laptops and PCs. Antivirus software allows real-time malware blocking and uncover stealthy threats which will harm your PC. Above all, get protected against incoming malicious emails and threats.

Mobile Device Security

Mobile Security

Mobile phones are becoming the most important tool in our lives. Thus, it is almost silly to not install any kind of security on your mobile devices. A mobile antivirus software detects malware, protects privacy and provides anti-theft features. It helps to backup your important contacts, photos, data and even can help track to locate your phone via GPS on a secondary device.

Cyber Security Products

Cisco Umbrella is a cloud security platform to provide the first line for defense against malware, virus and threats on the internet where your users go.
Cisco Advance Malware Protection provides visual, protection and eliminates threats to protect your end-users, network and emails.