IT Disposal and Recycle Services

IT Disposal

An average life spam of an IT equipment is three to five years. Thereafter, the IT equipment will be replaced to be either kept away or thrown away. Techtra Solutions provides another alternative for you by using our proper IT Disposal and trade-in methods.

We collect the unwanted items from our clients to find a new home for them if it is in usable condition. Our service is environment friendly and you will receive a certificate after the disposal. Upon evaluation, we might be able to provide a trade-in program for your current needs for IT solutions or products.

Apart from disposing, we also provide degaussing and destroying of sensitive data/media on storage disks and tapes. Depending on your requirements, we will recommend best economical and secured way to facilitate the process either offsite or onsite.

Recycle or Reuse for charity

As mentioned, in many Singapore organisations the average lifespan of an IT Laptop or PC will be 3 to 5 years. Thereafter, the IT department will allocated budget for the company to proceed with a laptop or PC refreshment.

In some cases, the equipment are being thrown away as clients do not know what to do with it. Some recycling vendors extract the valuables inside and leave the remaining for recycle. However, in such cases you can give it to us and we will donate to charity organisation. This small actions might not change the world but it can help out a lot of non-profit organisations to educate the needy community.

As for recycling, we do it in the most environmental friendly way. The pollution results from improper recycling has affected too many Eco-systems in our planet. Thus, it is our responsibility to make this world a cleaner and better place to live in.

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Reduce your business wastage by selling your old computers back to us. Check out our laptop trade in program, we are offering extremely good deals for your old laptops.

Turn your unused item into money.

IT disposal is a sensitive procedure as it involves data from every company. Hence, it is important to ensure that you dispose your items to a correct vendor and data will be destruct and gone forever. Which is why at Techtra Solutions, we do not recommend our clients to provide unwanted machines with existing data in it.

However, some clients would want the convenience of a 1 stop solution service. Therefore, our team would at our end ensure that the disposed items will be fully taken care of. In most situations, all data storage devices will be immediately removed to destroy.

1 of the Best Disposal Valuations in Singapore

The best thing about using us is we provide an estimated pricing to buy back your unwanted machines. Thus, clients just need to provide us a list of items and our specialist will evaluate the pricing for purchase. This process will help you to save time from site surveying and back and forth communication to negotiate on the pricing. Our evaluated price will be based on the list of items our clients provided, hence in any situation if items are missing a re-evaluated pricing will be offered.

Once items collected go through the destruction process, our financing team will provide the cash or cheque payment to you or your company. Therefore, making this a simple and enjoyable process where companies can remove used IT devices and earn money. Start listing down the used items lying around in the company, you might end up with a fruitful return.