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Lenovo is one of the top computer hardware manufacturers in the business world with stylish yet powerful specs for working professionals. Therefore, the brand has won a huge market share with their powerful yet cost efficient PCs and Laptops. Techtra Solutions is certainly proud to be a partner with Lenovo to offer superb promotions for our customers.


Due to its durability against extreme military-spec tests, it is an easy choice to make for travelling conditions. Therefore, protection is assured while travelling in harsh and crowded conditions.

Packed with long lasting batteries yet the device is lightweight and ideal to accompany you everywhere.¬†Furthermore, it comes with back-lit keyboards and enhanced security features to keep your work safe. ThinkPad can be customized with high specs configurations to fit the working environment of your company. Most noteworthy, prices are attractive with packages which can easily fit into the budget for a company’s expense.


Equipped with the most powerful specs available in the market, this is a dream came true of many IT professionals. As it was designed to tackle complex graphics, AI, animations and data acquisitions, this powerful machine kills through every process like butter.

Depending on the build you require, Lenovo offers the flexibility to custom your dream machine. Above all, you will be able to optimize the hardware with Lenovo Performance Tuner software. It allows the control to focus on the areas which require more resources using the free software customization. Above all, you even get a free tutorial on how to get the Performance Tuner started.