Enterprise Servers

Server plays a big role in many businesses as it is used for many purposes. Servers can store data, connect network to files and application, host games and many more usages. Getting the right servers will allow your organisation to operate smoothly on day to day basis.

An enterprise server is a higher specs computer that is the main brain for your IT infrastructure. Hence, it is important to engage a right vendor and get the right server build to your company’s requirements. Purchasing the server is easy as it does not involve a lot of technical skill, however it requires an expert to fully utilize the potential of the server.

There are 2 common operating system that is widely used for all servers today. An operating system also known as OS, is the core software to enable all applications to run smoothly on the servers. The 2 operating systems are Linux and Windows which is also used for PCs and laptops. However, the licensing for servers are completely different compared to laptops and PCs. Therefore, it is important for an experienced vendor advise the clients accordingly.


Linux Servers

Linux used is servers is gaining more popularity over the years as it is very cost efficient for management to justify. With the right partners to handle your IT Solutions, Linux servers can be a power tool for your company. It has excellent stability and is less likely to crash, hence making the maintenance much easier. Therefore, you need not worry about your maintenance if you have the correct partner working for you.

In terms of security, Linux OS is lesser prone to cyber breach due to it’s more stable system.

Windows Servers

Windows is developed by technology giant Microsoft have an clear advantage for servers as it has been around for so long. Many of the IT professionals now are brought up with Windows learning hence, you can easily select a partner to do basic support. This is also why it is a popular choice among businesses because it is easy to set up and configure. On top of that deployment services for Windows servers are much straightforward for experienced IT Solutions company like us.

As for security, it is advisable to practice the right way to prevent cyber attacks from hackers. However, we would deem it wiser to consult us for a full coverage for your cyber security.