Redetec Rack Mount Fire Protection Device

Protect your Assets with Redetec Rack Mount Fire Protection Device. Redectec offers the only in-cabinet fire hazard solution for servers. It detects and protects your most important tools for business which is the servers in your cabinet from fire.


A research done by Redetec’s team shows that after a serious fire incident in a Company:
Only 28% of the businesses recovered
Up to 29% of the businesses close within 3 years
And a whopping 43% of these businesses never re-open.

Introducing REDETEC

Plug & Play
Accurate & Reliable Detectors
Automatic Responds
Easy Installation

Every businesses rely on their IT infrastructure to smoothly function on their day to day operations. Hence, IT servers are the most important assets of every company to protect from fire incidents from happening. According to a study from US, it is estimated that fire in server rooms has cost million dollars of damages per year for companies.

Insurance may cover damages from such incidents, however not all damages can be recovered with money. Fire incidents may lead to destroying of important data which are not saved in backup solutions. Thus, it is so important to equip with cooling measures and fire hazard solutions like Redetec to prevent an aftermath from happening. On top of that, it is always cheaper to prevent than treating the results from a fire aftermath.

What are the common causes of server room fire incidents?

1. Electrical short circuit leading to over heating is 1 of the top causes of fire in server racks.
2. Bad wiring setup can ignite a fire in the server rooms.
3. Improper air cooling and circulation for server will lead to overheated electronics which will cause fire.
4. Fire which are cause unintentionally by humans or other causes.

Redetec is a solution to easily tackle the fire from escalating into a disaster for your servers. It is cost efficient while effective and reliable to help you save resources when a server fire arise. It can be programmed to alert your servers to shut off when the temperatures rises over the limit to save the hassle from bad outcomes. Not only that, after discharging to save your assets it can be easily refilled with new extinguishers. Therefore, allowing almost hassle free recovery plans if a fire disaster ignite from your servers.