Firewall Security

Firewall is an advanced security software or hardware which protects the network and computer systems from viruses and hackers. It keeps track of the incoming, outgoing traffic for the network to only allow safe and authorized data to transit. Other than protecting the network and end users from getting attacked by viruses, the rationale of using the firewall is to keep the company’s confidential data safe.

In short, data is the core of many businesses in the world today and Singapore as an IT focused country is not an exception. The use of firewall is extremely important for every business especially government sectors as high confidential documents must be kept secured from hackers. While the firewall protects sensitive information from leaking and enter, it can be also programmed to deny access for users to visit “risky” websites. Therefore, strengthening the cyber security management of your workplace.

Do you know?

  1. Most of the current computers running on Windows today comes with an inbuilt firewall. (as per 2019)
  2. A firewall is able to keep other parts of the same network unharmed even if a part of it is being hacked.
  3. Firewalls can be classified into software, hardware or managed services.
  4. A firewall will monitor and classify every messages before it meets the criteria to leave or enter the network.

How does Firewall protect your network?

  1. Lowering the risk of visiting risky websites by blocking the access to certain types of websites.
  2. When an employee tries to transmit sensitive data out, the firewall can be pre-configured to block such actions.
  3. Firewalls can also prevent guest machines from accessing to computers in the protected network.

Brands we work with

Cisco Firewall

It is no surprise that Cisco remains as a leading brand for security products in the IT market. Cisco offers easy-to-us and solid features for their firewalls. Above all, the brand keeps their security features updated to tackle new or unknown threat as soonest possible.

SonicWall Firewall

Sonicwall offers firewalls for business of all sizes, it sells appliances directed at network security and content control. The firewall UI is straightforward to deploy and configure with well organized features available.

Fortinet Firewall

An industry leading brand, Fortinet is popular because it builds simple to use while secured firewalls for IT people to implement into their environment. It is most common to hear about how impressive the brand builds it’s interface, making it easy to deploy for any IT.

Check Point

Check Point is one of the pioneers for making firewalls, thus it is no surprise for them to be one of the leaders in the market. It offers strong security features with upgrades to future proof the solution.