Microsoft Singapore

Microsoft is a company which almost everyone in Singapore is familiar with. That is because 70% of the PC in the world uses Windows. Founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, it has became one of the most valuable company in the world. The company offers a whole line of Technology products for both consumer and commercial.

Products from Microsoft

Microsoft develops, manufactures and sells operating systems, computer software, consumer electronics and IT related technology. Microsoft Windows and the Office are the company’s best known products as most people use them on daily basis. Hence, it is no surprise that we provide Microsoft Based solutions for our clients.

Apart from these, the company makes X-Box, Microsoft Surface and other products which is also popular in the market. In Singapore, almost everyone will use at least 1 product from the company.


Office 365

Office 365 is one of the most used tools for working professionals today. This is because it offers subscription based support and updates for the apps. Hence, it is an approachable solution for medium and large enterprise for a long term.

Home & Business

Office Home & Business is another popular product offered by the company. Usually, families and small businesses purchased this 1 time license for every PC in the environment. Additionally, it offers Excel, Word and PowerPoint software for users to perform daily work.


Windows is the most used operating system in the world which is also offered by the company. License are being distributed to company like us to offer solution to the users. We offer support to our clients for issues faced with the product.


Microsoft Surface

Microsoft surface is a 2 in 1 laptop and tablet, it has a handful of accessories to add-on. Prior to that, this is a super light device which most users carry around to work in any place of the world.


Apart from providing for the professionals, it good that this company also offers game products. X-Box is 1 of the best selling gaming consoles in the world. On top of that, it offers tons of games to ensure it suits most everybody.

Other Products

If you are looking for a convenient and comfortable mouse or keyboard, Microsoft do offer such. Most users enjoys the premium build quality and design of these accessories.