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    Microsoft 2019 Home & Business

    $379.00 $300.00

    Original Microsoft 2019 Home & Business

    Purchase 1 time for 1 PC or Mac devices
    Comes with 2019 versions of office apps, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook
    Get Microsoft support for 60 days
    Licensed to use for home an commercial use
    In all languages can compatible with Windows 10 and macOS
    For more features visit Microsoft for more information.

    Key Features for Microsoft 2019 Home & Business

    Office Home and Business 2019 is suitable for families and small enterprises who needs classic Office apps and email. In addition, this package is inclusive with apps like Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook for Windows 10.

    Common FAQ for Microsoft 2019

    Can I know the difference between Office 2019 and Office 365?

    Office 2019 is an one time purchase which comes with Word, Excel and Powerpoint for PC or Mac. Therefore, you will not be entitled for updates and services that Office 365 offers.

    On the other hand, Office 365 is on subscription based and it comes with additional premium apps like OneNote, Publisher and Access(For PC only). These apps can be installed on multiple devices and different system platforms like Android and Mac. Additionally, you will get features like 1 TB of OneDrive, 60 mins of Skype and office 365 version updates.

    What is the system requirements for Office 2019?

    For more info on the system requirement, please visit System Requirement for Office.

    Why do you need Office 2019 Home & Business?

    As mentioned above, Office 2019 Home & Business is best fitted for families and small businesses. Therefore, you can organize your emails through Outlook and do documents with Word and Excel. These are some of the required usages for most computer users in today’s world.

    However, if you are a business which is considering for rapid growth Office 2019 Home & Business might not be the best choice. That is because the business might need a big number of licenses and the cost will be high for the first purchase.

    For more information on which package should suit you better, please contact our consultant at Techtra Solution.

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