What is networking

What is networking

An IT network is the digital communication network for businesses to communicate and share resources with one another. There are a few types of connection in a business network cables, wires optic fiber or wireless.

Network can be connected locally or to larger networks such as the internet or virtual private networks. Thus, it can support many applications such as webs surfing, digital video, shared application, storage server and many more.

Even though IT networking is an essential tool for businesses, it requires experienced engineers for deployment. In large companies, networking consist thousands of nodes which require secured environment for operations. Therefore, networking specialists are needed to oversee the process of the network deployment.

Cabling is the core of a network as they connect the nodes between one another. Usually, you can also choose between copper cables or fiber optic for your company network. Fiber optic transfer data at faster speed over greater distances, however the cost for laying fiber optics is much higher compared to copper wired cables. Similarly, wireless networks can be deployed to transmit data to connected devices using radio waves in the air.

Devices such as switches, routers, access points and firewalls are used in business IT networking. Most of these devices require software configuration for monitoring and security management. This is to prevent cyber security attacks to happen in your company’s network. It is important for companies to ensure network security are in place. As it is very sensitivity for data leakage to occur in a business.