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Top Brands for Laptops 2020

Best Laptop Brands 2020

Buying a laptop in 2020 is not a simple choice as there are many brands out there offering top specs at different price points. Thus, it is important that one should do enough research before spending their cash on their laptops. As Techtra is a reseller for electronics, we will list down the top laptop brands for consideration.

(The list is not based on the popularity of the brands)

Lenovo – One of the biggest names for commercial and consumer laptops. Lenovo offers high spec working and gaming laptops for every industry. Hence, it definitely ranks in the top brands for laptops in 2020.

Dell – A US company well known for their quality laptops and computers. Additionally, offers gaming specs PC brand such as Alienware. The brand is definitely well known for both commercial and consumer market.

Asus – Asus is a sure known brand for many in Singapore as they are focus on providing laptops for students and consumers. Furthermore, gaming laptops from Asus are popular choices for gamers due to the stylish outlook and powerful performance.

HP – Buying from HP will be a great choice for working professionals as it is one of the top most selected in Singapore. HP laptops are light and powerful which is suitable for most people who are travelling around.

Acer – A brand from Taiwan that offers super good value for the specs of their laptops. Moreover, they came up with some special designs suited for designers. Which to us is definitely a good deal for most to consider.

Apple – Nobody will be unfamiliar with this brand as they are the most valuable company in the world. In terms of branding no company is able to compete with Apple as they have the most expensive products around. However, this company is not just expensive, their laptops are fast and extremely capable.

Microsoft – Almost 80% of the people are using the operating system by Microsoft. However, the company is also a leader in innovative laptops. Microsoft Surface series laptops is a different choice for many as they can be a tablet or a laptop.

LG – One of the biggest brands for home appliance and electronics. LG has always been a brand that many will consider for. Although prices of their product are not cheap but they offer great build and specs which is good for high end consumers.


Razor – Looking for gaming laptops? Razor is one of the best choice in the market. Furthermore, the owner is from Singapore therefore, it is good to show some support to our fellow Singaporean.

MSI – MSI is a laptop brand which is also focusing on gamers. Additionally, the brand has some cool features and specs for the gaming users.

22/10/2018 Austria and Singapore signs pact

Singapore and Austria signs pact on future digital and technology exchange

Both Singapore and Austria joined a pact to cooperate in digital area to exchange information and ideas for technology. Both country signed the MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) on 2018 October 17th during Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s visit to Vienna.

The agreement would focus on exchanging information and best practices in 4 areas:

  1. Using digital strategies for helping small and medium enterprises and potential start-ups.
  2. Smart Nation applications to digitize government, including digital national identities.
  3. E-commerce and digital trading; and
  4. Prominent technologies, including novel applications of block-chain, IoT (Internet of Things) and AI.

Such move will open the door for more Austrian firms to Singapore. There are currently 220 Austrian firms in Singapore with investments of over 2 billion SGD (Singapore Dollars). The Chancellor of Austria Sebestian Kurz also agreed that cyber security is one area which Asia and Europe can work closely for. Singapore and Austria are both keen in developing and research between universities for cyber security. Thus, a tie-up would be ideal in the future.

29/09/2018 Metta Welfare Charity Event

Metta Welfare Charity 2018

Metta Welfare is a Buddhism charity organization which offers help to the needy society in Singapore. Techtra Solutions was proud to be invited to participate in the event for bringing happiness to people. As a donor, we believe that any amount can help regardless big or small. That was why apart from providing monetary donations, we went the extra mile by supporting Metta Welfare with our presence for their Charity event run.

In this event, we went down as an IT Solutions company and organized a game booth for the public to test out their Nerf shooting skills. A small amount is charged to play the game in exchange for a chance to win big prizes. This is because our aim was to bring happiness to people while not forgetting to support a good cause for charity. As the event was a charity run, a few of our colleagues went down to show their support by finishing the 5 KM and 10 KM run.

At the end of the day, we felt the sense of achievement when offering our best efforts to make the world a better place for everyone. We hope our small actions can make a helpful outcome for people in need.

25/09/2018 More Foreign IT Talents for Singapore

Due to the ageing population and shortage of Technology workers, Singapore is looking into bringing in more foreign IT Solution talents. In addition, the move is to assist the country to re-balance the education system for future demands in areas such as software programming.

On top of that Singapore needs to make itself a vibrant economy that will attract investments and businesses. Thus, the country will maintain minimal restriction on high-end tech jobs for foreign labor while maintaining the quota system for lower-skilled industries.

Miinister Ong Ye Kung said in an interview, “Talents are very short in every part of the world. We let foreign talents in because we require a critical mass for the sector to take off, while continuing to train Singaporeans for the jobs.”

Singapore is one of the world’s most trade-dependent economies and is building itself towards a high-tech financial and digital savvy Smart Nation.

19/09/2018 Cisco Headsets

Cisco released new wireless head sets designed to use with Cisco Webex and Cisco Jabber. Cisco entered with a wired head set in march to target contact center agents. Thereafter, expended their portfolio this week by releasing new models of wired and wireless headset.

Plantronics and Jabra provides consumer with another choice of their headsets to integrate with Cisco Phones and UC apps. Hence, the new headsets will offer consumers another choice to compare between Plantronics and Jabra.

As demands for more headset vendors begun in the IT industry, IT admins are looking for better controls, troubleshooting and integration to applications. Ultimately, Cisco sees this headset as an extension to their UC platform to enhance future user experience.

18/09/2018 Technology News Singapore

30 million dollars Tech Grant for cleaning solutions

Senior Minister Amy Khor launched a new grant yesterday for businesses to adopt technology tools for cleaning and waste management.

Companies can now use the money for tech equipment such as auto floor cleaners.

The grant is set to encourage business owners to adopt technology that will increase operation productivity. Such move is due to part of the efforts to make the industry manpower-lean.

Licensed companies with existing contracts in Singapore for licensed waste management, cleaning and building owners will be eligible for the grant. Which the company can receive up to 50% of the qualifying cost up to $250,000 per company.

This is also to help out the current challenges faced by cleaning sector as the average age of workers is 60. Thus, technology will make their jobs less challenging. For more info visit Straits Time.

13/09/2018 Lenovo Product Launch

Lenovo P Series ThinkStation and ThinkPad

Lenovo Singapore launched P series of lightweight and power workstations and laptops. It would be an exciting range of products for cat designers, AI scientist and video editors. Both P series ThinkStation and ThinkPad focus on power, performance and reliability by combining top components with their ground breaking design.

We have personally went down for the launch and are blown away on how lightweight the Thinkpad is. Gone are the days where designers need to carry dumbbells to do presentations. This is a game changer for many as it is super convenient to carry your laptops everywhere.

Lenovo P series workstations are suitable for:

  • Drafting Engineers
  • Financial Professionals
  • Game Developers and Designers
  • Animation creators
  • Energy industry
What is networking

What is networking

An IT network is the digital communication network for businesses to communicate and share resources with one another. There are a few types of connection in a business network cables, wires optic fiber or wireless.

Network can be connected locally or to larger networks such as the internet or virtual private networks. Thus, it can support many applications such as webs surfing, digital video, shared application, storage server and many more.

Even though IT networking is an essential tool for businesses, it requires experienced engineers for deployment. In large companies, networking consist thousands of nodes which require secured environment for operations. Therefore, networking specialists are needed to oversee the process of the network deployment.

Cabling is the core of a network as they connect the nodes between one another. Usually, you can also choose between copper cables or fiber optic for your company network. Fiber optic transfer data at faster speed over greater distances, however the cost for laying fiber optics is much higher compared to copper wired cables. Similarly, wireless networks can be deployed to transmit data to connected devices using radio waves in the air.

Devices such as switches, routers, access points and firewalls are used in business IT networking. Most of these devices require software configuration for monitoring and security management. This is to prevent cyber security attacks to happen in your company’s network. It is important for companies to ensure network security are in place. As it is very sensitivity for data leakage to occur in a business.