25/09/2018 More Foreign IT Talents for Singapore

Due to the ageing population and shortage of Technology workers, Singapore is looking into bringing in more foreign IT Solution talents. In addition, the move is to assist the country to re-balance the education system for future demands in areas such as software programming.

On top of that Singapore needs to make itself a vibrant economy that will attract investments and businesses. Thus, the country will maintain minimal restriction on high-end tech jobs for foreign labor while maintaining the quota system for lower-skilled industries.

Miinister Ong Ye Kung said in an interview, “Talents are very short in every part of the world. We let foreign talents in because we require a critical mass for the sector to take off, while continuing to train Singaporeans for the jobs.”

Singapore is one of the world’s most trade-dependent economies and is building itself towards a high-tech financial and digital savvy Smart Nation.