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IT products are important for every business as most of the business dealings are done via the interaction of technology today. Hence, it is important that we provide our clients with the 1 stop experience to get their hardware purchased. Techtra Solutions works with leading brands in Singapore to offer our clients competitive prices and leading technology in the market.

We provide prompt after sales support for our clients who face issues from the products and hardware. Therefore, clients gradually became our recurring customers as they develop trust and assurance from our services. We value the feedback provided and adapted to fast industry changes to stay ahead of our competitors.

Apart from sourcing the products, we offer deployment services to complete the whole solution. As technology is forever enhancing at a fast speed, it is important that we understand the difficulties faced from clients. Many of our clients are busy with their current environment, hence deployment must be a seamless process for them. It is important that we keep our clients excited on the new technology but ensure minimal hiccups during installation and setup.